The Southwest's premiere shirt printers featuring Direct to Garment technology.     Why use Direct to Garment technology? Read on!!


1. Full Color Printing:

DTG printers operate very similar to your home or office printer. Using this technique allows us to print the ink directly onto the fabric and this allows us to create stunning full-color images in one pass (two passes if you're printing onto dark garments). This means that you no longer have to simplify your design or remove certain colors out of it to meet your budget and to ensure that all of the printing can be done.

2.  No Minimum Orders:

Due to the fact that there is very little setup required with Direct To Garment printing, it's incredibly easy to place a single T-Shirt into the printer and then print your design onto it. This means that it's perfect for producing small runs of printed T-Shirts. It also opens up the possibility of printing your garments on demand if you're looking to create your own T-Shirt brand.

DTG is the ideal printing method if you're looking to print for your holiday or birthday parties, fundraising events, charity events or for giveaway items at your next marketing event. This means that, no matter what your printing needs are, Southwest Print shop has you covered no matter how big or small your order is!

3. Environmentally Friendly Printing Technique:

When we're printing on to white T-Shirts, the inks we use in our DTG printers are almost always water-based which means that they are completely safe and environmentally friendly. Some printing techniques require the use of harsher chemicals which isn't sustainable and can be bad for the environment.

If you're someone who believes in protecting the environment - much like we are at Southwest Print shop then by choosing DTG printing you're choosing the perfect printing technique to create your garments.

4. Maximum Detail and real Photo in the Prints:

Have you ever taken a picture and thought that it would look great on a T-Shirt? Or do you have any pictures now which you think would be perfect on a garment? Well DTG allows us to print any design onto a T-Shirt in full-color and exactly how they look on your camera or camera phone. This means that we can print all of the detail that's included in your perfect picture and then immortalize it onto a T-Shirt to show off to everyone.

5. High-Quality and Long Lasting:

As the ink is printed directly onto the garment and doesn't require any additional layers or panels being used, it offers a perfect print which won't crack or wear over time. This creates a long lasting design which you can wear and wash again and again without it becoming damaged or looking worn. It's Perfect For Everyone:

The best feature of DTG printing is that it's perfect for everyone. Whether you're looking to create a short run of T-Shirts, or if you're looking for bulk T-Shirt printing with high-quality designs to sell - DTG is the perfect low-cost option which allows you to print your T-Shirts with maximum detail and, thanks to the low setup costs, you can make incredible savings on all of the printing work that you require.

So, if you're thinking of producing T-Shirts in the future, for whatever reason, then consider Southwest Print shop and DTG when it comes to choosing the perfect printed garments.



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Talladega Design
Charles Velarde (Santa Fe, US)
Chevelle Talladega Design

I washed all white shirts (4) as per written instructions and I feel colors washed out after initial wash. I have purchased numerous shirts etc from you and all other shirts (grey/navy) colors still look very good. Maybe I should have purchased grey seems issue with white ?

Your Name Garage
Thaddeus Gerardi (Englewood, US)
Repeat Customer

Brad & DeLynn from Southwest Printshop Are Amazing. I have been a long-time customer and their product every time is above my expectations. I Highly Recommend them!

Suite Travels Tee
Lori Hamlin (Gig Harbor, US)
Good quality tee

Size on point and well made.

Lucky 13 Zipper Hoodie
Ron Ortiz (Santa Fe, US)
Loved the jacket!

Loved it so much I ordered another one as well as two additional T-shirts. I received the website from a friend and have ordered a jacket and shirt with his cars on it. I will pass this information on to my friends. Whoever wants to order as well.

James Spitler (Hialeah, US)
Proud Owner 71 Bronco

I have always wanted to have a shirt to show the results of my project. I have contacted shirt designers to make one for me. You supplied me with a shirt of high quality, in a short period of time and far less than anyone else. I'm very proud to wear it, and I get a lot (every time that I wear it) compliments on it. When people hear that I rebuilt it myself more than 20 years ago they what to talk more about it and have had 2 offers to buy it. Thank you very much