All of the following file formats are acceptable for direct to garment printing.

For the following formats please submit at 300dpi or more and at final print size:

 Files that do not meet print requirements may be subject to artwork charges after review. Slightly lower resolution images can be used, but they must be evaluated on a case by case basis.

Microsoft Word, Publisher and Power Point are NOT acceptable formats.

Please note, most images taken from the internet are not usable.

Too busy to design your own? Let us do it for you!!

If you're having trouble with your design or simply "starting from scratch", let us lend our expertise in helping you to complete that one of a kind project.

Design, re-size or clean-up graphic, Scan image and/or add text 

Reproduction of color photos (scenery, people, etc) onto garment wear.  The better the photos, the better the image. What you see is generally what will reproduce.